Dragonborn paladin and Vice Minister of Quarantine


Redeemer is the name taken by Rakkis, the dragonborn hero who began his career as an enemy of Arryn Corby’s new Empire. In exchange for a position in that Empire, however, he was brought into the fold, as well as the dragonborn who followed him.

Now Redeemer is the Vice Minister of Quarantine. He was an early supporter of Abelaster’s Rehabilitation Camps for intelligent monsters, and he is now also the one called upon to hunt down any intelligent monsters who somehow escape one of the Camps – which has not happened in a long time.

At this time, Redeemer is late in his life and looking for a protege who will take his place as Vice Minister of Quarantine under Abelaster the White. The dragonborn, however, are thoroughly integrated into the Final Empire.


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