Rime Ginsey

Dean of the Arcanum, Hero of Legend, sorcerer


Rime Gimsey, light-hearted rock gnome sorcerer, is of course the one who first saved Arryn Corby’s life and set him on the path to adventure. Until Abelaster the White found him and named him Chosen, Rime was something of a mentor to Arryn. No match for Abelaster, Rime paired up with Halfo Midge, the irascible halfling, and served as comic foils for haughty princess Nimriel and grim dwarven warrior Gili Tharkar.

In the days of the Last Empire, an aging Rime Gimsey is the Dean of the Arcanum’s headquarters and founding school, and he periodically makes trips to the various franchises.

Rime Ginsey

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