Heroes of Legend

The farm-boy destined to become a legend; the dwarven priestess who would awaken the world’s hope; the barbarian princess who would lead her people to save the civilized world; the light-hearted gnomish sorcerer destined for greatness; the halfling thief with a heart of gold.

Arryn Corby, Deceased
His half-elven son Erdhin Corby rules as Emperor with his mother, Nimriel, as Imperial Advisor.

Erdhin Corby
Now a middle-aged half-elf, Erdhin is the son of the King of Elves and Men and the second Emperor of the Last Empire.

Gili Tharkar, Matriarch of the Church of Moradin
Though advancing in years, Matriarch Thakar remains the most powerful cleric in the Empire, and she is the reason that worship of Moradin has eclipsed that of all other gods and goddesses.

Queen Nimriel, Alive
Officially she serves as Imperial Advisor to her son, Erdhin Corby, but she is still a relatively young woman by elven standards, and she frequently departs to wander the forests she loves.

Rime Ginsey, Dying
Rime Ginsey is an arcane magic-user second only to Abelaster himself in power and influence. He is currently of advanced age for a gnome, and for the most part resides in the White Tower, training new generations of arcane magic users and furthering his own research.

Halfo Midge, Deceased
The halfling thief with a heart of gold, Halfo is probably second only to Arryn himself in popularity among the Heroes of Legend. Before he died, he was charged by his friend Arryn with training an elite law-enforcement organization that would serve the Empire for all time.

It is said that almost a thousand years ago, a Prophecy was spoken. At long last, with the help of the great Ablaster the White, the Heroes of Legend came together to save the world.

Heroes of Legend

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