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Pleasant Valley Rehabilitation Camp

The Light, Victorious

Under the wise leadership of Abelaster the White Wizard, the Heroes of Legend rose up and defeated the Dark Lord. Gathering together the Last Free Alliance, they fought their way to the Dark Tower and threw down its Lord.

Having vanquished the Darkness, the free peoples turned to healing the hurts of the world, and we have flourished since.

The Dark, Vanquished

Following the fall of the Dark Lord, the Armies of Shadow collapsed in on themselves in an orgy of dismay and cannibalism. The dark elves fled the surface and hid themselves, along with their surviving allies, and have not been seen since. The armies of goblinoids, orcs, ogres and other evil races were defeated and scattered, and ultimately either killed or captured.

There were so many captured foes, so many refugees who had fallen under the sway of the Shadow, that the free peoples of the world instituted the Rehabilitation Camps to house them and train them so that they could rejoin society as productive members.

In this task, the goblins proved themselves invaluable, and in the two or three generations since, the Rehabilitation Camps have been largely turned over to the goblins to administer – under the watchful eye of the Ministry of Rehabilitation of course! But empowering those who are rehabilitated to run the Camps has reduced the high cost of mercy to our societies, for which we are thankful.

The Heroes, Valorous

Prophecy told that one day, a wise wizard would gather to himself the heroes who would free the world from the grip of the Shadow. The farm-boy destined to become a legend; the dwarven priestess who would awaken the world’s hope; the barbarian princess who would lead her people to save the civilized world; the light-hearted gnomish sorcerer destined for greatness; the halfling thief with a heart of gold. Together, the Heroes of Legend saved the world.

The World, Verdant

Our world has become a place of unprecedented flourishing. Kingdoms enjoy peace and steadily expand their borders. Explorers brave sea and sky to map and civilize new lands. Centers of learning have been rebuilt, and have ushered in a rebirth of knowledge and the arts. And perhaps most importantly, no one has risen to claim the Dark Lord’s throne. It is a new age of light, peace and prosperity for all! We are all united, king and pauper alike, under the wise and benevolent rulership of our second Emperor, Erdhin Corby, long may he reign.

Apendix: Setting Inspiration

Villains By Necessity by Eve Forward, Art Nuveau architecture, the Player’s Handbook, Greyhawk, the Midnight setting, some steampunk elements, Eberron, Dungeon Rats, the Death Gate Cycle, Final Fantasy

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