Not long ago, Moradin was primarily a god of the valiant dwarves, but under the leadership of Matriarch and Queen of Gold and Iron Gili Tharkar, the Church of Moradin has spread to every corner of the world and has adherents among all of the free peoples. Blessed by the god of creation, there has been a blossoming of Art Nuveau architecture, vast cathedrals built from the unused ruins of ancient fortresses and castles.

Arryn Corby, Hero of Prophecy, who rose from humble farmboy to Emperor, honored all of the gods of light, but Pelor most of all. Arryn himself is also venerated as the first Emperor of the Last Empire, and something of a Saint. (Saint Arryn replaces Saint Cuthbert as a deity of valor)

Bahamut, god of good dragons, is honored in their memory for the part they played in the defeat of the evil dragons and the downfall of the Dark Lord. His most ardent followers are now the rehabilitated lizardfolk, who tend to form their own tightly-knit communities along coasts and rivers. His traditional followers are the dragonborn, of course, and they are frequently calling Theological Councils with the lizardfolk to iron out issues of doctrine and dogma. While most worshipers of Bahamut are lizardfolk, most influential clergy are dragonborn.

Corellon Larethian is of course the main elvish deity, along with his consort Sehanine Moonbow. Elvish religion is seen by many to be arcane and alien, however, and worship of these gods is not widespread. Elves also revere Obad Hai, who is more widely popular.

Yondalla is the traditional halfling goddess, and she is often revered as a household goddess and honored in private shrines. Many hearths have a small statue or relief of Yondalla, and she is the patron goddess of inns and taverns.

The gnomes are not overly religious, but Garl Glittergold still holds a place in their hearts. His worship is more a cultural tradition than a living faith, but one still encounters the occasional wily cleric of Garl. Gnomes are also responsible for a few prank-driven holidays celebrated widely in the Empire.

Other deities honored throughout the Empire include Celestian, deity of explorers and mapmakers; Ehlonna, goddess of nature and woodlands; Kord, god of sports and competition; Pholtus, god of light and law (though he is being absorbed into Pelor-worship); Rao, patron deity of monks.

Of the gods of darkness and evil from the old world, nothing is said. Their worship is of course outlawed, even in the Camps, and all evidences of their dread rites has been destroyed wherever it is found. We do not speak their names, for they were never true gods.


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