The Church of Pelor is the official religion of the Last Empire, but the Church of Moradin might be the most popular religious movement. Most of the clergy are dwarves, but it is very common for craft guilds and professional organizations to be committed to Moradin as well. Religion is a big part of life for the Empire, and the various Churches receive tax revenues from the Emperor in exchange for running social services and education.

Society in the Empire is quite orderly, with a high value placed on character, cleanliness and, with the recent invention of more accurate timepieces, a growing emphasis on punctuality.

Transportation and communication are available at relatively low expense, and there are also expensive options like airships and the Gryphon Mail Service.

Professions are usually managed by specific guilds, and guilder councils run many towns. Dwarves are most often heads of guilds, and usually also hold the highest positions – their long lives and commitment to craft simply let them develop their skills beyond most of their competition.

The Rehabilitation Camps are a large portion of the Imperial economy, and as a way to defray the costs involved, Campers are offered plentiful opportunities to better themselves through labor.


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