Abelaster the White

Ancient and powerful elvish enchanter


Abelaster the White is the most powerful arcane caster in the known world by a significant margin. He is old, even for a long-lived elf, and it is he who brought the original Heroes of Legend together, guiding them and empowering them at the right moments to forge them into a team who would save the world.

It was Abelaster the White who cast the Spell of Unmaking, destroying the Dark Tower and burying the Dark Lord in its rubble after he was weakened by the Heroes’ attack.

Since then, as Minister of Rehabilitation and world-renowned hero, Abelaster has traveled the world, cataloging magical artifacts and at times hunting down powerful escaped evil creatures and returning them to the Camps for either Rehabilitation or Quarantine.


Abelaster’s personal story is steeped in history, and if the other elves know about his distant past, they do not share the information (which is not unexpected of high elves). It is known that he is a powerful enchanter, and that he uses guile and his wide array of enchantment spells rather than outright violence whenever possible.

For years now he has been hard at work on a secret project that takes up almost all of his time, and the daily management of the Ministry of Rehabilitation has fallen to his powerful apprentice, another high elf named Celodel.

Abelaster the White

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