Arryn Corby

First Emperor of the Final Empire, Hero of Legend


Emperor Arryn Corby of the Last Empire decreed that he would not be resurrected when it came his time to die, nor magically augmented when he grew old. After his death, a huge mausoleum was built to house his embalmed body, vast and built of white marble veined with gold and silver, trimmed with gold and precious gems, and consecrated to every god of light.

Even before his death, the Emperor was venerated as a Saint of Pelor, and after his death, an order of paladins as arisen organized around Saint Arryn (who replaces Saint Cuthbert in the D&D pantheon). They are known as the Knights of Corby.

It was Arryn Corby’s victory over the darkness that enabled the Last Empire to be built. By receiving fealty from the leaders of all of the Free Peoples of the Known World, the Emperor unified the world for the betterment of all.

Arryn Corby

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