Camp Escapee

You got out the comparably easy way (compared to completing the program) – you snuck out, or climbed the wall, or shanked a guard and hid in the laundry – think Prison Break or, again, Shawshank. Most people you meet initially assume you are Rehabilitated, but of course you don’t have the paperwork, and officially, you are wanted.

Sometimes you wonder if it wasn’t easier back in the Camp.

Skill Proficiencies: Athletics or Stealth, Survival
Languages: two of your choice, plus Goblin
Equipment: a Rehabilitation Camp uniform, a shiv that grants you advantage when hiding it on your person, one additional random token that you stole on your way out

Special Feature: Folk Villain
Like Folk Hero, but in reverse. Your reputation often precedes you, and you can usually count on the hospitality and incidental support of other creatures that have come through the Camps. To balance this out, you lack the proper paperwork and need to be careful around people in authority.

Suggested Characteristics: probably roll on Criminal, Outlander or Urchin

Camp Escapee

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